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Scouting talents

SDC Art Promotion mission consists in scouting young talents, offering them our guidance and advice and placing their artwork strategically in prestigious private and institutional collections to offer them increased exposure to the markets.

Through our work, we strive to promote contemporary African artists and their artwork and provide new ways for the public to understand and appreciate African cultural identities. 

Art is the vital expression of individual identity and at the same time it is a mirror of society and an agent of change. In its capacity to elevate the mind, expand human experience and enhance human solidarity, it is essential to any society and contributes to its development at large.  


By supporting the participation of highly talented, emerging African artists in prestigious international events, we help them gain popularity but we also contribute to supporting an increased presence and role of contemporary African art on the international scene and an increased understanding and appreciation of African art amongst the international public. 

A new philanthropic educational approach

In addition to the above, we have developed a free training platform to transfer key competencies in the autonomous production and management of artwork and collections. The platform includes as well conferences, round-tables, guided visits internships and residencies. It is addressed to artists, students, art directors and any institutional or private operator in the arts. 

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